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From his self-made 8’ x 8’ backyard observatory in Michigan, Terry Hancock produces astronomical imagery rivaling that of NASA or JPL. His compositions are often the result of 15 hour integrations or longer, and feature such incredible attention to detail, framing, and color, that you could be forgiven for mistaking them as exquisitely crafted paintings. Much more of his work is available on his website, and on Flickr.



Scientists from Queen Mary University of London and researchers at Nokia built a mobile device that can be refueled when everyday background noise, including traffic and music, is converted into electricity.

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Solar System Infographs

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Walking corpse syndrome (cotard’s syndrome) is a rare mental disorder in which a person believes that they are dead.

For example, a British man, Graham woke up nine years ago convinced he was no longer alive although he was still breathing. Doctors diagnosed him with cotard’s syndrome, but Graham did not believe them. He insisted that he was dead. 

The unusual condition emerged after Graham, who suffered from severe depression, tried to commit suicide by taking an electrical appliance with him into the bath.

Eight months later he told doctors that his brain had died or was, at best, missing.

He even stopped eating, smoking and drinking because there was no point and he was “dead”. He felt compelled to go to his local cemetery because he thought he would fit in. 

Graham’s brain scans resembled those of a person in vegetative state or under anesthesia. Luckily after months of therapy, he was able to overcome his condition. 

Cotard’s Syndrome is among the most rare diseases in the world and it is thought that it affects just few hundred people at any one time.

It is linked to depression and comes in a variety of forms including some who feel that their limbs are no longer functioning.



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Pentagon Experimenting with Transcranial Electric Stimulation to Boost Alertness in Drone Operators

In one scenario of testing, volunteers — who had been given either caffeine, electrical stimulation, or nothing at all — were kept awake for thirty hours while being tested for wakefulness and vigor.

Those given electrical stimulation reported feeling refreshed at the end of the testing, despite obvious sleep deprivation. Overall, volunteers hooked up to the electrodes performed twice as well as those given nothing. Surprisingly, volunteers who had been given caffeine performed the worst of all three groups. By the time the 30 hours had passed, the group had “tanked.”

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"Engineers believe human exoskeletons can have a variety of applications, from therapy and rehabilitation to lifting heavy objects."

More: http://www.medicaldaily.com/human-exoskeleton-body-extender-most-complex-wearable-robot-ever-built-270576#


When robots take all the jobs, what’s left for us?

CGP Grey discusses how robots and programs will remove 45% of the world’s work force.

I for one, accept our robot overlords and will relish in the jobless (as in no need for) utopia.

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I think this was a real success…


Song Choice Is Everything

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