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Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider have just detected a subatomic process even more elusive than the mass-endowing Higgs itself: a scattering of two same-charged particles called W bosons off one another. It may not sound quite as exciting as the decades-long hunt for the Higgs and its Nobel-winning discovery, but it’s a testament to the absurd precision possible at the LHC. 

So how rare is this scattering? Just imagine pulling a needle out of 100 trillion pieces of exploding hay. 

And why sift through all that data? It’s a crucial test of the Standard Model that describes the quantum world in glorious and elegant detail. Also, it may lead us into uncharted territory:

From the story:

“The Standard Model has so far survived all tests, but we know that it is incomplete because there are observations of dark matter, dark energy, and the antimatter/matter asymmetry in the universe that can’t be explained by the Standard Model,” Pleier said. So physicists are always looking for new ways to test the theory, to find where and how it might break down.


This is the inFORM Dynamic Shape Display from MIT. And it may be gypsy magic.

There’s a Kinect camera watching the demonstrator, tracking his movements, when are then transferred to a computer, which sends to an array of pillars, which move up and down accordingly using actuators.

You can use it to transfer the actual movements of your hands, so you could remotely handle objects, like in the first 2 gifs, or you can use it for 3-D modelling like in the other two, like how he uses gestures to pull a cube of the table.

Basically it’s the crazy map from the first X-Men, or the first generation of Fitz and Simmons holotable in Agents of SHIELD. Imagine what you could with this, remote handling of hazardous materials, actually 3-D movies, conference calls that could actually project what you’re doing.

The future is awesome.

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A domino can knock over another domino 1.5x larger than itself.

The above Gif shows a domino 5 millimeters tall starting a chain reaction 13 dominos long that eventually knocks over a domino about half a meter tall.

If the reaction was 29 dominos long, the final domino would be the size of the Empire State Building.

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November 2009, After Dark. Particle physicist Dr. Austin Richards — aka Dr. Megavolt — jousted with a high-voltage Tesla coil, which generated 200,000 volts of electricity and shot 14-foot-long arcs of lightning through the air. Photo by Amy Snyder © Exploratorium 

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Chris Pratt work out


Well..actually, thats exactly how it is!

Trust me, I’m a physicist!


New true color image of Saturn taken by Cassini on July 2nd, 2014


Saturn Weather: Latest image of Saturn from Cassini


This is the blackest material on earth. It absorbs 99.9% of light. It’s made by NASA and made from carbon nanotubes. 


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This isn’t about why she should have been nominated, it’s why it doesn’t even matter that she wasn’t. And that reason is because even without an Emmy she’s still a FLAWLESSSSS QUEEN.

Buzzfeed (Why It Doesn’t Really Matter At All That Tatiana Maslany Didn’t Get An Emmy Nomination

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